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Getting divorced tends to carry with it so much emotional pain, suffering, despair, isolation, shame - not to mention feelings of self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty. And at a time in our society when we are feeling less and less connected to one another, we need each other’s support more than ever before.

What is it?

I’ve built a private community that will give members the opportunity to: 

  • have access to me as a resource for questions & guidance, and

  • connect with others who are also approaching, going through, or have recently been through the divorce process. 

Who Is it for?

Anyone who:

  • feels like their marriage is in a downward spiral,

  • is fearful that their marriage is headed for divorce,

  • has been contemplating getting divorced,

  • is separated,

  • is currently in the midst of the divorce process, OR

  • has recently gone through a divorce and wants to figure out how to get to a place where they’re THRIVING.

If any of this resonates with you, you’re not alone.

What’s Included?

-      Access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to share insights and resources, celebrate wins, receive support, and ask questions of fellow members

-      Weekly 30-minute Zoom video calls with me and other occasional guest experts, during which we’ll tackle various divorce-related topics, have a chance to address questions, and offer resources and solutions to those who need them

How much does it cost?

This community is FREE!

Because navigating the divorce process can be so isolating, I want this community to be accessible to anyone who needs it.

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