Coaching offerings

guidance in navigating the divorce process

The legal process surrounding a divorce can be daunting. I am here to help you: 

  • figure out how to approach the process,

  • discover what options you might have, and

  • know what pitfalls to avoid.

You will learn how to take better care of yourself, and I will keep you organized and on-track in hitting the deadlines inherent to the divorce process. Let me support you on your journey through one of the most difficult periods of your life. 


identity rediscovery & self-love

As you go through and come out of the divorce process, you may feel disoriented or even lost at times. Your identity will likely need to shift and evolve as you break out of the old patterns and routines associated with your marriage. This shift can be painful and overwhelming at times, but it can also be an incredible opportunity for positive change and growth.

I will help you uncover your core identity -- your best self -- and hold you accountable to it as you begin to see the world through a new lens post-divorce. You are not alone, and you are worthy of love. I will provide you with the encouragement you need to push past your low points and work with you to strengthen your relationship with yourself so you can approach future relationships from a healthy space.



Having goals that you are consistently working towards (goal-oriented living) can help keep you centered and provide you with a greater feeling of control over one or more areas of your life while also giving you a sense of hope, purpose and fulfillment.

Partner with me to identify some of your longer-term goals (for your career, relationships, fitness, or otherwise), and I will guide you in taking the small, achievable steps you need to take to turn those dreams into reality. You will be armed with the tools you need to effectively schedule your time, eliminate bad habits, and master your passions.